My name is Asta Remeikaite, I am the owner and creative of Fine Metal Dust – a line of hand made bold and rustic jewelry and hair accessories. I combine metals, gemstones, geometric forms, various textures and techniques to create unusual Modern Jewelry with a highest attention to detail. Shaping a metal piece with various tools, smoothing and polishing it’s surface, giving it a new form and “life” is the main purpose of my work.

After finishing studies in 2007 At Vilnius University in Lithuania (my home) I decided to move in Italy, a place that I fell in love when I was a child. Soon after my journey in jewelry world started: it was a simple but beautiful bracelet I saw in one shop’s window for witch I had no money, and here came a decision to make something similar with my own hands. The bracelet I did was much more beautiful than the one I saw in the shop, so a non stop buying of pliers, wires and beads started. Soon I achieved very good skills in wire wrapping technique that I still use in some of my jewelry and accessories making, but I never stopped looking for new ideas. To introduce new techniques in my work I took silversmiths classes in 2016 and learned soldering and piercing metal sheet. Since then I’ve continued self-taught studies and I’m always searching to learn more and develop my skills and approach to jewelry making.

All my work is created in a home studio in a small town near Como, in Italy, using raw materials and selective gemstones. My dedication and attention to detail leads to a well made, beautiful and long lasting jewelry piece.