Summer vibes – Part I

Floral Collection July 2019

“DELPHINIUM BRUCE” jewelry set

This beautiful flower evokes feelings of joy, warmth and fun. It’s a the perfect flower to gift someone who needs an encouragement to broaden their horizons in order to try out new experiences in their lives. Being an official birth flower for July, this set makes a perfect gift for someone who was born in July.
Hand fabricated sterling silver flower petals, embellished with high quality amethyst. Check for them in my store: earrings and necklace.


A beautiful flower of Alpine regions, growing on limy soils, stony meadows and even on rocks and has a long tradition as medicinal plant. The flower has like a velvet feel to it, those little “hair” protect it from cold, aridity and ultraviolet radiation.
I’ve met it few times in the mountains, it’s so beautiful that i could not resist in trying to make it.
Handmade in sterling silver and paired with a glowing moonstone to recall the flower.


It’s my fav remedy when it comes to protect my immune system during cold periods of the year. The beautiful purple color makes it perfect with the amethyst drops!
My granny had them growing in her garden, and i remember the first picture I took with my old canon camera had captured the bees buzzing arround!

Sterling silver and gorgeous amethyst drop swinging below.

The “Summer vibes – Part II” will be presented next week with other 2-3 jewels I made for this collection.