Big quartz and black druzzy Jewelry – Winter collection

I stepped outside this morning and felt the fresh wintery wind on my face. Chilly wind that bites your cheeks announce the winter is just behind the corner. The trees stand naked in the streets, parks and forests, preparing for a long nap before the first sunrays of the spring will call them back. Their dead leaves cover the earth. Soon they will hide under a white blanket of sparkling snowflakes and the ice will crackle underfoot… I love December!
No matter its getting cold outside, the important thing is to remain warm and cozy within your woolen hats and shawls and enjoy with love the changes of the seasons.
I had a chance to take some pictures of the frosted grass and leaves this morning, doesn’t it seem like sweet sugar sparkles?

This small collection has started the last summer, when I first put my eyes on these geometric icy quartz gemstones and brilliant druzy from an instagram sellers Roze and Graeme from @newstoneagecabochons (they sell ethically sourced gemstones and are so lovely people, I suggest to visit their profile if you are looking for a warm human contact and beautiful gems).

I didn’t have a lot of time to work on this big quartz jewelry collection due to loads of Christmas orders for my made-to-order items, but I made few pieces with these quartz and druzy gems and released the first part.

The main characteristics in this collection is ICE, of course, what these geometric quartz gemstones recall, snowflakes, icicles and frost. That’s why about the texture and all the little details here.

Frozen lake in Lithuania, the picture was taken long time ago.

COLD AS ICE – Part II – to be announced.

Wish you all a beautiful holiday season!

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