Summer vibes – Part II

Floral Collection July 2019


As far as I remember, this flower was blooming everywhere: in our backyard, in my granny’s garden, it was decorating the entrance of our school, on the shop windows even! Comes in a variety of colors and it brings joy to our hearts. Blooms in early spring and it’s a birth flower for February, as also amethyst is. Hence I combined these 2 elements in a one piece of jewelry!

“SAKURA” studs

Probably the most beautiful period of the year is SAKURA blossoming time! Being a national flower of Japan it carries an important signifficance in their culture. The lifetime of these flowers is only about a week or two until the white soft snow starts to cover the ground. Hence Sakura represent life, it beauty and also it’s epfemerality.

Crafted in sterling silver with much of love, patient and intention to last a lifetime these studs will always remember you to treasure every single moment!

“Birch” leaves

My family had a garden surrounded by birch trees at the sides. Every early spring we brought some twigs into the house and put them in a vase so that we could enjoy the tiny leaves popping out later. Only after many years I came to know that this is an ancient tradition: bringing in birch twigs inside the home invokes protection (my mom believed strongly, so do I). For ancient europeans, birch represents earth and home.

I paired the birch leaf with a bird on the other side of the pendant. it simbolises freedom and is a link between the earth and the heaven. The leaves pop out in the early spring, swing joyfully above the heads all the summer and fall down in the late autumn to give place to another life the next spring. I just wanted this leaf to never fall down and fly high in the sky and reach the heavenly heights!

Nature is our home, it’s the most important thing in my beliefs. it is strong and powerful. It can heal us, it can give us protection, it can relieve stress and fulfill the soul with it’s wilderness. We should always protect her.